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The world is much more beautiful with a little faith and a lot of magic...and tons of groovy handcrafted things!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ducky fashion

I embroidered a peaceful lotus flower on a scrap of peach flannel recently, and yesterday I turned it into an applique and put it on a newborn t-shirt for Ducky. For the detail on the lotus petals I used a running stitch, but practiced with it like I was quilting. I figure I need all the practice I can get quilting, that duck quilt is going to take some time!

Cute! I'm going to make some more little appliques this week. Oh, and also some pregnancy/fertility necklaces....

Here is Luna modeling the Ducky Shirt. Behind her is a stack of flannel square sandwiches waiting patiently to be sewn into a baby rag quilt... I'll get to that later this week. Along with hemming the silk pj pants that Luna is holding down.

And a close-up of the lotus. Darling Husband made the stencil for me, so it was a group effort.


mangiafico family said...

SO cute!!!! great job!!!! =)

Orchide said...

this is gorgeous! You should sell these. xo