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The world is much more beautiful with a little faith and a lot of magic...and tons of groovy handcrafted things!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

more rag blankets

I completed these a few weeks ago but finally got around to washing them yesterday. They look lovely! And only a few seams tore. I think washing them at the laundromat is rougher than washing them in our washer here. Oh well, no biggie - a few seams are easy to repair. Nothing like the misadventure of my brothers blanket, these are dainty little baby blankets.

The lavender one is for Ducky, the peach & white is for one of my pregnant friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

flowerseed necklaces!!

I completed these darlings a few weeks ago, but finally got around to writing about them and convincing the photographer and model to cooperate. Artist-types, let me tell you!!!!! So here's the fancy description (you'll see the same stuff on my Etsy page):

Flower - the beautiful and lovely scented reproductive structure of a plant. (mommy)

Seed - the tiny embryonic part of a plant. (baby)

Pregnant darcetta, surrounded by beautiful herbs and gemstones and natural aromatics, decided she would create a special body adornment to help keep her little babyseed peaceful in her cozy womb. Thus the inspiration for the flowerseed necklaces. Not only are they pretty, but the the specific properties of the gemstones provide balance and joy to both the mommyflower and babyseed.

The perfect adornment for a pregnant, or soon-to-be pregnant gal. This necklace helps encourage fertility as well as the happy and healthy growth of a baby while keeping mom calm and feeling beautiful. And, unlike ugly maternity jeans, these necklaces can be worn happily for years and years.

For now these will double as maternity and fertility necklaces, until I create some simple fertility-enhancing necklaces.

And here are some photos!

The original flowerseed necklace, which hangs kinda lopsided but I love it anyway and wear it constantly:

The pearl one:

The really really long silver one: